Connect More. Sell More.

Katana turns your visitors into customers with real-time video directly on your site.

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In Sales, there's nothing like meeting face-to-face.

Interact with your customers online in a way that was never before possible.

Katana revolutionizes the way you provide service and support to your customers online.

With video and audio chat, screen-sharing, and text chat, Katana lets you guide your customers easily through your site to help you do one thing: drive more sales.

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Be there the moment that your customers think of you.

Meet your competitive advantages:

Experiences That Sell

Give your customers an experience they'll never forget. One that'll drive you more business and keep them coming back.

VIP Level Service

Be available when your customers need you and accommodate all of their needs in one easy to access place.

Perfect Timing

Studies have shown 50% of new sales go to the vendor that responds first. Now you can be the first response, everytime.

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Each Katana is unique. No two are alike.

We offer a wide range of features that make Katana the perfect fit for your website.

  • Video + Audio Calls
  • Lightning Fast Text Chat
  • Calendar System to Schedule Calls
  • Emotion Analytics Powered by IMRSV
  • Screen Sharing & Co-browsing Capabilities
  • In-chat Payment Form
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Make your mark with tools that do more.

Katana integrates easily with third-party applications so everything flows naturally through the services that you already use.

Katana Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Desk, Salesforce, Uservoice, Zendesk, Mixpanel, & Google Analytics.
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What others are saying about KATANA.

"For e-commerce merchants, it’s one step closer to omnichannel nirvana."

Understand your customers on the deepest level.

IMRSV technology is built right into Katana so that you can gather all kinds of real time analytics like gender, age, attention time, and human emotions.

Get detailed reports for each call when the customer was the happiest, most surprised or concerned so you can improve and deliver the perfect pitch every time. This is analytics on a whole new level.

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Our mission is to create live experiences that transform people into businesses and businesses into people.

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